Thursday, May 3, 2018

Walking the Path

I mentioned before how important it is to walk on the right path of life. I am not really sure why I am mentioning it again other than it is important thing to do.

Most of us have walked wrong paths on different occasions especially when we were young whether it was as teenagers or in our twenties. Sometimes we still make the same mistakes taking the wrong paths.

I think the problem is the wrong paths are so enticing and in some cases they feel like we are on the right path. It isn’t until we are on the path for a little while we realize that it is the wrong one.

There are paths we know that we should not walk on because they are very obvious or we have walked them before but it is difficult when we walk on a path that we haven’t ventured on before. I believe it takes wisdom to take the right path or stay off the wrong path. Also we don’t always learn our lessons either.

The truth is that we should ask our friends who we trust real well whether this path we should try taking. It is possible they have taken the path themselves with success or failure.  

Anyway a thought to ponder for each of us; if you are wondering what I am talking about when it comes to paths it has to do with decisions we make or our lifestyle. Both of them can be one in the same. I am sure that I will bring this subject about paths again when I may get more insight. That could happen when I make a wrong decision myself and walk on the wrong path. I am sure it will happen at some point since I don’t always listen too.

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