Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What Does Life of Purpose Mean to You?

I am sure we all have asked this question at least once what does life of purpose mean to me or what purpose do I have living here. If you have been a regular reader of this post I hope that you have answered the question and you’re trying to live that way.

Most of all if you know the Ten Commandments the first two are the greatest in loving God and loving your neighbor. So we were created to love God and to love those around us beginning with our families. God did not leave it at that for our purpose though they are the two reasons we are meant to have a purpose.

I do know that we don’t always live our lives to fulfill our purpose by loving God and others. The gifts and talents we have are to glorify God and to help others around us. Other words I am here to give my life to God and to others. We are not to live a life of isolation so these gifts and talents are to show how glorious and loving God is and to help others. The great thing is not only am I here to help you are here for the same thing. Every one of us to make others have a wonderful life until the end; I am here to help you at the same time you help me. Unfortunately it isn’t always working out. The world is full of people who want to do their own thing. I am sure we have all been there whether right now or in the past. Often we do things to see what we can get out of others. We take our gifts and talents to put over people. Another way can be said to control others. We see that every day with politics, religion and business.

I hope that you have answered the question about your purpose and I am able to help give you any insight. All I know to is everyday use our purposes and hopefully discover new ones. Not only will we be able to help others we will be helping ourselves by having happier lives.


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