Sunday, June 3, 2018

Open Our Heart!

I am getting ready for Sunday to visit the second day of the annual Maritime Festival. My church is calling it our first annual service day to the community. We will do whatever we can to help whether it is cleaning up when the event is over or talking to people. I am being involved in the street evangelism where thirteen of us will talk to people about their relationship with God. It is fun thing to do when keeping things low key.

So it comes to where we should ask if we have open hearts not just for God but for other people. It is not an easy task because not everyone is open to speaking freely about their lives. Although I want to encourage us all to be open to other people I know it isn’t easy to let people into our world. I believe that one word can change a person’s life as long as they have their heart open to it. The one word isn’t the same for each person though. I believe the universal word though is love. I know that everyone wants to be loved even those who don’t know how to express it. So whatever way I say open your heart to love you may be surprised. Though we have all been created in uniqueness for a purpose love is the international language that can open our hearts. Take the time to share your life not only with friends but with strangers too who knows how our lives will change and we will become the person we have meant to be all along.


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