Thursday, July 26, 2018


We all have questions beyond just healing like why people are starving in Africa for instance.

I believe it comes down to what the Bible says that the human race is disobedient to God; there is sin in the world and evil to name a few.

On the positive side as individuals we can flip things and be obedient to God, have less sin our lives and evil too.

There are questions that I have that haven’t been answered yet but I believe that I must have faith for those things to come into my life. There is a possibility some of my questions may never be answered but I still must have faith or I might go crazy too.

Some bad things happen in our lives because we make bad choices as well. We need to be thankful for the blessings we do have at the same time.

My encouragement is that we continue plugging away at doing the best we can and to look to God for the answers in our lives. Meditate on those things that are good. If you open your Bible I recommend reading Psalms. So much of the Psalms speaks words out of our own hearts. May peace be in you today and make the best choices that you can. Amen!

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