Friday, July 27, 2018

Good Times

This week has been good times with my sister Barb being here but it ends at some point as well.
Barb will be heading back to her home in Gatineau, Quebec Friday afternoon so we do have a few more hours to spend together before going to the airport.
We had a trip on Monday to Mt. Rainier National Park then did a tour around Gig Harbor on Tuesday followed up on Wednesday going to the Hood Canal. We stopped by Twanoh State Park where we spent many times when we were children. It looks about the same as back in those days. On Thursday we just relaxed however included going to our favorite coffee shop in Gig Harbor.
Look forward to her next visit. Not sure when that will exactly be right now however Barb likely will be retired. She will be retiring at the end of the year. She will let them know about her retirement in September.
In the meantime back to the same life living out my purpose the best I can and to encourage you all to do the same. Also enjoy the lovely summer we have here as well. Thursday it was ninety degrees for the sixth time in July. Let you know that is about normal for around here. In fact until a couple years ago the temperatures never reached ninety degrees. I would have to say global warming for sure. Sunday it is forecasted to be ninety-three degrees to make it the seventh time this month. I know that some people like it this hot however I prefer the high seventies into the mid-eighties. Having sun out is what I truly call the good times. Enjoy this weekend and many blessings to you.  

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