Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Look to Yourself

When it comes to our life purpose we have to look to ourselves. We have to pray and meditate however God usually brings it down to us.

We can ask our family and friends whether they agree with what we may hear because they know us better than anyone except God himself.

I have had prayer in several instances where God gave me a couple choices to pick from. I am not saying he will do that for everyone but I have gotten that enough times to know it is true.

God doesn’t want us to be selfish however he knows to what we have in our hearts when it comes to desire. Also we must trust that the desires will come to pass though we may be waiting for a long time.

Our purpose in life has to do with what will make us happy and to do with our gifts and talents. I am sure you know that if you have read this blog enough times from me.

Usually your family and friends will confirm what already has been placed in your heart but wait for the timing to happen. Amen!

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