Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Challenges of Life Purpose

First of all hello August; I have a couple of reunions coming up this month. It will be nice to see many of the people I haven’t seen for a while. I hope the temperatures will be less than July since it was a hot month. Of course I still want to see plenty of the sun.

The two biggest challenges of living a life of purpose believing in ourselves and others believe in us to. Let you know that it doesn’t matter how big our purposes are the fact is we have a purpose and reason to be here. What we have to offer is important whether big or small. Actually the small purposes can be or should I say are as important as the big ones. People will likely remember the small ones more than the big ones. How you measure whether they are big or small doesn’t really matter either.

Another challenge is taking the time to be involved in our purposes. Often the busy of life can get in the way however life should be doing our purposes. Being a husband or wife raising children and grandchildren that takes up a lot of your purpose in life already; what other things you do is gravy.

Along the way there will be other challenges to do your purpose which is OK. You may be discovering new purposes you have in life just don’t forget the old ones. If you and your family have moved because of a new job that brings new challenges in itself; getting to know your co-workers and those living in your neighborhood and church. Remember though to keep in contact with the close friends you have met over the years. I thought about saying left behind but that sounds negative to me but decided to add here as well.

Any way press on through the challenges and let your purposes shine on.

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