Thursday, August 2, 2018

Having An Impact

We have an impact in others’ lives whether we know it or not. Several months ago at a home group the host Les told the group that the first time he and I met he knew we were going to be friends. It was the first time I had heard that and made me feel good about it.

I am sure that other people have felt the same way though they haven’t said anything. I know that there are people that made differences in my life and I am a better person for it. I am sure you do too.

Our impact is felt in ways that we have no idea about. The most important thing is to love and care for people. Also doesn’t hurt that we live our lives just being ourselves.

Often I see people in the way they are around others and how their children act as well. In most cases their children are wonderful and respectful of others. It doesn’t mean at the same time that your children aren’t good that you are a bad parent either. The fact is some children just don’t turn out right either despite how the parents raise them. The same goes for children who don’t have good parents. Often people have to overcome bad situations in their lives.  A good parent doesn’t happen because you have a bad apple in the box but if all the children are good kids I expect the parents have done a good job or the kids were lucky or blessed despite the parents.

Anyway whatever you are doing to make an impact keep doing. The world needs as many impact people around as possible.

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