Friday, August 10, 2018

Enjoying This

I am sure all of you who having been reading my posts is enjoying it very much. I know every day I enjoy writing and posting to you.

This week my posts have doubled in reading so I know it is having an impact on others and I am so grateful to everyone.

I know the impact is not only helping others but is helping myself as well.  I go through the same troubles as everyone else does hoping the purposes in my life are a benefit to others well as me. 

Every day I think about what I am going to write here. Most of it comes about because of my daily journey. Not only what I experience but what I am learning in the process. This is what it is all about what we are learning about ourselves and others at the same time.

When I see and look at others I wonder what they are thinking and what kind of people they are. What benefit I can give to them at the same time what I can learn from them. It doesn’t have to be in words but by their actions as well. In the end what can we learn from each other that will make us better people.

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