Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Our Importance

I was reading in the local paper on Wednesday morning after knowing that I would write about importance.

Steve Smith Sr. who played many years in the NFL and now is on the NFL Network mentioned that he had dealt with depression and felt alone on many occasions. It shows to me no matter where we are at in this world we can deal with depression. Also we remember comedian Robin Williams’s committing suicide after dealing with depression as well.

I believe it is so important that we realize that we have importance in this world as well. We continually have to remember that we have a purpose in this life and a destiny to live out.

We not only have to remind ourselves of the fact but to remind others too. Being with people we care very much about will make things much better.

I know that I have to deal with depression especially when I am in a big group setting. I feel much better when I am in small groups though it doesn’t always work. The greatest thing to remember is that depression is always around. I don’t think we all deal with depression in the same way. There are those who have it because of mental illness but there are us that deal with it in other ways.

I have never taken medicine for depression and never plan too. Letting people in my life that can care for me is the solution I look for. This is a reason that I write this blog as well because the more I can lift each of you up I can do the same for me. Also important to set myself aside and spend time with God. Amen!

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