Saturday, August 4, 2018

Thinking Positive

I find it not the easiest thing to do however we need to think positive as much as we can.

I do have to admit it is a hard thing to do. I admire those who have been able to do so over a long period of time.

I believe that life is a lot better when we do think positive. It doesn’t mean that everything will turn out alright however it certainly helps.

I believe that God wants us to think positive because he wants us to meditate on the good things in life. It is good to go someplace that we feel comfortable at and wait on him. God is the one with the answers along with peace.

Psalm 23 says that he is our shepherd and that we can lay down by green pastures and leads us by quiet waters. Also he refreshes our soul even when we go into the darkest valleys. We don’t have to fear evil because he comforts us. He prepares a table for us in front of our enemies. Isn’t that wonderful words to hear especially when things are not going so well. These are positive words to mediate on. Go to the place that you feel comfortable at and lay your head down. Have joy that is beyond our own understanding. Amen!

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