Friday, February 1, 2019

Our Motivation

When it comes to our purpose in life motivation is a good key. In sports when a team loses their motivation means the coach is usually fired. Well, we can’t fire ourselves but we must renew our motivation when it isn’t going right.

We must remember the reason we are living a life of purpose. Like we all know it isn’t always easy. Having friends and a mentor can help us stay motivated.

Often people change jobs when things are not working right where they are at. A change happens to where you get into a new position because of what you have been doing and your qualifications.

When it comes to the job taking a vacation is required along with helping us get our heads back on when necessary. A vacation is used to relax and get motivated for a period of time. When we are losing our motivation in regards to our purpose we should step back as well. A little bit of time off is a good thing. 

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