Friday, May 31, 2019

Living Your Life Purpose

I really hope that you have discovered your life purpose while reading my blog and posts.

You still question what your purpose is then I have a suggestion. Ask your family and friend what they think of you and what is different from you from other people. I am no expert but I do think this will help you out a whole lot.

What your passions in life will help direct you on the right path as well. Talk to someone who you feel is a mentor for you too. Also, someone you feel is doing what you like to do too.

None of us have to do what others are doing but we can follow their direction. Asking these people questions will help you too.

I have had people say who are writers the best way to become a good one is to start writing. I believe that is good advice in whatever we do. We can find out by doing and it will give us the answer to whether we are right for it or not.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a sportscaster. I was good at sports but I felt I wasn’t good enough to play the sport as a professional. Out of high school, I went to broadcasting school. I took a job as well but I realized I didn’t have the talent like so many others in the field.

Now that I am writing about sports besides this blog I have come to the conclusion that writing is what I should have gone into in the first place. There are times though where the talent may come through later.

At least now I know that I am good at writing and the more I do write the better I get at it. This is the answer to anything we have a talent we love.

Besides writing I know that I am a person who can encourage others. I am getting better at it all the time. I am sure both writing and encouraging I will see a big difference in five years than right now. I know doing this for already five years my writing has gotten better.

I know too that readership is changing too. Sometimes I have a lot of readers while other times not so many. I know to never to give up and I do know that you are all busy with your own life. Also, Google made some changes and no longer have google plus.

I would like for you to comment here if you would like a subject or you have a question that I can answer for you too. I just added a page on Facebook too. I figure the more other people can see my posts the better.

I have my website too. I haven’t written a lot there but I hope to in the future. In fact, if it is easier I will post this blog there as well.

On Sunday afternoon my church our freedom ministry team is going to ministry to the middle and high school students who are going on a mission’s trip in three weeks to Mexico. It will be fun to discover their life purpose as well as destiny. Another word being used is the original design God created for them in the first place. Often circumstances can get in the way of us living in our original design. Also, people often can tell us untruths that keep us away from our original design.

Until next time have yourself a wonderful weekend. Amen!

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