Thursday, July 25, 2019

Went To The Big City

On Wednesday I went to Seattle the largest city in my home state of Washington. It is about an hour drive depending on the traffic.

My purpose was to see the Seattle Mariners play baseball against the Texas Rangers. After parking my friend Tom and I arrived in T-Mobile Park at noon. The game started forty minutes later.

Before getting to my seat I bought a burger and a soda with one of the gift cards my brother gave me for Christmas and birthday. I then headed to the Mariner store and bought a couple jerseys with another gift card. I arrived at my seat right at the time for the national anthem.

Had a good conversation with Tom about how things were going with him since he retired this year. In the second inning, I had to go for a break if you know what I mean.

Coming back a couple with their two little children were several rolls behind us. I let the gentlemen know any balls coming our way I am sure to get it so the children wouldn’t get hurt. He appreciated me saying that. The young child a girl we made faces at each other and laughed. She is one and a half years old. Later on, her older brother who is three and a half gave her some of his ice cream. She enjoyed the ice cream very much. Oh yes, no balls came our way. We were seated in the middle behind right field so the ball would have been a home run.

In front of us, a couple rows were about six other people. Tom and I figured they worked together. The company they work for may have gotten them the tickets.

In about the sixth inning right after the Mariners scored four runs a Chinese woman sat in front of us. An inning later I wondered what happened with her. I turned around and she was sitting behind us. I commented she had moved. She said that she moved because didn’t want to be in the sun. The sun had just arrived in our area.

Speaking with this middle-aged Chinese woman she has lived in the USA for 26 years mostly in Austin, Texas. No wonder she wanted to be out of the sun. Interesting she was by herself and this was the first baseball game she had ever attended. She was taking pictures and sending them to her husband who is in Austin Texas.  I am not sure whether she is on vacation or has moved to the Seattle area.

When the game was over said goodbye to the Chinese woman along with the family I was protecting from any balls hit in our area. We then headed back home. It was nice seeing Seattle when we came in and enjoying the game. We wanted to be the heavy traffic which would be coming soon because of the rush hour. It did take a half-hour longer to get home than on our way up.

The weather was perfect as well with the temperatures in the mid-70s with a little bit of wind. I wore a jacket on the way to the game, however, since the weather was nice I put the jacket in the bag with the jerseys had bought. It couldn’t have been a better day.

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