Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Here in Western Washington, there is a big concern about wildfires this year. Most years the wildfires take place in central and eastern Washington, however, there is more happening in this area now.

I amazed more awareness isn’t made about wildfires because 80% of them are caused by humans. This is especially true in California where large wildfires happen every year.

Often the firefighters of Western Washington go help out in California or in central and eastern Washington. Now with more occurring in this area they have to spend more time fighting those wildfires.

People need to realize with hotter and dryer weather in the summer they need to be more careful when doing campfires. This continues to be bad than campfires should be banned all the time, in my opinion anyway.

I am bringing this up besides awareness there is probably not a bigger calling or purpose for someone to be a first responder like a fireman and policeman. We can add in those in the military as well. We thank you for all you do. Often we don’t realize what you do to keep life safe for us all. Many blessings to you all serve us in this way. Amen!

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