Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Heating Up

The weather is heating up for the next couple weeks as summer is coming to a close in five weeks though the children will go back to school in the next two or three weeks.

As usual, summer seems to go by so fast. This year the temperatures have been going up and down here in Western Washington along with an occasion time of rain. I don’t mind at all though the sun is always welcome.

This all comes to our lives where we should have a positive attitude regardless of the weather and the time of year it is.  As we know not an easy task at all.

We may look and act like we are happy and joyful on the outside but not necessarily on the inside. It all leads to where our relationship is with God and others.  We encourage others with our gifts and talents or keep them to ourselves.

Circumstances happen where it feels impossible to share our lives with others but it is an important thing to do. May your life increase while you decrease. This means you serve others above yourself. Amen!

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