Thursday, August 8, 2019

What To Talk About

Sometimes it isn’t easy to know what to say when you meet someone for the first time or a person you haven’ seen for a while. At least for some people anyway.

I figure the first thing is to find out where they are from or what they have been up to lately. You can ask what they did on their vacation as well.

I think it is best to find out about them especially if you are the one starting out the conversation. Of course, they start out the conversation than it is you talking about yourself. You can tell them what you have been up too. Hopefully, it comes around finding out about them. Usually, you find something in common with each other.

I read that today is International Cat Day. So you can ask them whether they have a cat or a dog if you prefer. It does help if you like animals yourself. The important thing is to have the other person get talking. Some have a hard time talking to a stranger while others no problem at all. It all comes down to our personalities.

So enjoy your day, and I hope you meet a new friend.

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