Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Looking Back

We all have fond memories from childhood well as not so good. The good and bad experiences have all shaped who we are.

The good experiences have given us confidence in certain areas while the bad experiences haven’t.  We have to identify both the good and bad.

The bad experiences where we may have trouble in especially if it has to do with relationships we need to resolve them. I am sure we have taken care of some of the experiences but not them all. This is what I did on Sunday evening in my prayer session. 

I know there is still some stuff I have to still take care of but what I did on Sunday evening I feel so much better now. I feel as though a cloud has been lifted. I can get on with life now in a more positive way.

Rex one of my classmates from high school passed away four years ago. Another classmate Dave shared on the anniversary of his memories of Rex. Dave and Rex were neighbors so they spent a lot of time together during our childhood. So I learned more about Rex then I knew before.

It is interesting to note most of the kids you interacted with were those living in the same neighborhood.  My best friend Gary lived just up the street from me. It took less than five minutes to walk to his house. At some point, he decided to build a treehouse, so Gary and I spent time in the treehouse looking at the baseball cards we both had purchased over time. We were especially interested in the cards where we each had more than one of the same players. Gary and I would exchange cards of the players we were most interested in getting which we didn’t already have.

Gary had a good size yard where we could hit the baseball. We would warm up as you can imagine throwing the ball to each other. I remember once feeling bad because I hit him in the face.  I think he was distracted by his mother calling him out from the house.

After warming up we would pitch to each other to help each other’s hitting. Gary and I played on the same little league baseball team. The batter would be facing away from the house toward the treehouse.  We would try not to hit the ball too hard because there were blackberries around the treehouse and we didn’t want to hunt for the baseball. Of course, there were times the ball would land in the blackberries.

Gary had an older sister but she wasn’t around very much. So in a way, I was like a brother to Gary. At school whenever we picked teams no matter the sport and Gary was a captain he always picked me first. It wasn’t the case when Gary wasn’t a captain.

I haven’t seen Gary for a long time now. I understand he lives in Idaho and is retired. One of my other classmates Paul who went to college with Gary as well runs into him at the college reunions. So whenever I see Paul I ask him about Gary.

Looking back thinking about the memories is a good thing. It helps live in the present time as well. Although I have good friends in the present time there is still something about those who knew you from way back when.

Enjoy your day and think positive. Change your life in the areas that have been negative for so long. Amen!

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