Monday, September 9, 2019

Peace In the Heart

Here in the USA, we have the privilege of living in freedom and peace along with prosperity like no other country.

Most Americans though don’t have the freedom and peace in their hearts.   Even many of us Christians have to deal with areas of our lives where there is no feeling of freedom and peace.

In my church, we have what is called freedom prayer where we help people get free of what bounds them. We are helping people in other countries as well.
I know some of you who live outside of the USA and read this faithfully live in countries where freedom, peace, and prosperity isn’t anything like the USA; however, you live in peace in your hearts or you are working on it.

I feel as though you are brothers and sisters of mine even if we never meet. Find friends who can help if you’re struggling with areas in your life where peace is not in your heart.

I am on a prayer team at my church to bring freedom to others whether a member of the church or not. We even have prayer members who go to other churches. I felt it was important so I had prayer myself Sunday evening. I still have a ways to go like we all do but I feel much better today.

I continue to appreciate you ready here. Have a blessed week and may God hear you today. Amen!

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