Sunday, March 22, 2020

Got Out and Drove

On Saturday I decided to get into my car
and drive.

I went north of where I live to near
Bremerton then headed West.
Bremerton is known for the
Naval Base and shipyard. It
is the city's larges employer.
A great place to visit if you
want to see Naval Ships.

My first stop going West
was at Twanoh State Park
a place our family visited
every summer at least once
if not twice. One year we
spent a week there with our
tent trailer.

Twanoh was closed for the
winter; however, they have
one gate open so people can
dig for clams. There were a
few people doing so.

So I continued on highway 3
going through Union where
there is a very nice hotel.
Many people book there
for weddings and reunions.
Right now not many people
there. Also, you can play
golf as well.

When highway 3 ended I
turned south to Shelton.
Originally I thought about
going north on highway 101
but I hadn't been to Shelton
in many years.

To be honest Shelton hasn't
changed much in these many
years. The only that was
obvious was fast food

At Shelton I decided to head
back going east this time.
There are several small towns
along the way. I didn't go back
to Bremerton but took another
road headed for home.

When I hit the road for home
it has been one that I have been
on in recent years. Probably the
last time was a couple years ago.

I look forward to my next trip
that way when I have some
interaction with others but it
was a good time to get away.

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