Thursday, April 8, 2021

April Showers

We have all heard "April Showers bring
May flowers".

So far here in Western Washington we
haven't had a lot of rain the first week
of April. In fact less than an half of
inch. Of course  that can change.

I always look forward to May; in
particular because my birthday is
in May. Of course, the older you
get don't want count birthdays any
longer or May can take it's time to
get here.

The older we get health issues do
creep in. Last night at a church
home meeting a gentlemen having
health issues said his days are 
numbered. H doesn't think he
has much time left. We told him
all our days are numbered. We
just don't  know when the number

Life as we know brings struggles
the point is how do with deal with
it all. I figure I was blessed surviving
a fire when I was four years old
every day now is a blessing. My
time like everyone else's will end
however, enjoy each day and be
a blessing to others. All we can
do for sure. 

The April showers may come but
let's be the May flowers to others.

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