Sunday, July 24, 2022

Feeling Good

It is important we feel good
about ourselves and others.

The number one reason we
are here and created is to
worship God and be in relationship
with him and his son Jesus Christ.
Also the Holy Spirit. The trinity, the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Beyond that our purpose has to do
with our family, friends, and others
we meet along the way. We know by
our experiences we won't get along
with everyone but we must do the 
best we can. 

We most get along with people who
are a lot like us. They have their own
purpose but they have similar character and interests.

I am interested in everyone no matter
what they are like or interests, however
I expect most are drawn to me by 
similar interests to. 

Actually we can be examples to others
on how we respond to them. We show interest in them or not. I use humor 
often in my interactions with others.
Even those I may not say a lot of words
to I will say hello at least.

I find when I am out walking some people will interact with me even 
for a moment while others have no
interest at all. This is how some
people are.  

I hope this is helpful to you. May you 
have a blessed day. Amen!

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