Monday, July 25, 2022

Fine Tuning Our Gifts and Talents

On Sunday at church one of the women
in our prayer group said that God wants
us to work on our gifts and talents.
This be both our natural and spiritual 

Our natural gifts would include job and
occupation.  If you are a baker work at
becoming the best, you can be. You don't 
have to be stressed about it, however 
improving each day.

In my case is to become a better writer along
with speaking to others. Yesterday I interacted
with five different people while I was out walking. 
Each one I spoke to for a minute or less. 

People these days are busy so talking is at a
premium. I took someone's advice recently to 
listen as well as speaking. All depending on the
person most want to talk for a short period of
time. When talking I am looking to see how long
they are listening.  I end the conversation or
move to talking about something else. 

I hope this is helpful to you and may your gifts
and talents be a joy to you.   ❤❤❤

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